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About Sharonna

Welcome! My name is Sharonna Boyd, known to most as "Ronnie". I am a wife, mother, daughter, SISTER, and a Registered Nurse. As a child, my oldest sister, Rashanda, would often help my mother by cooking dinner for us while she headed home from work. Over time she developed a skill to whip up any classic soul food dish you could think of, with ease and perfection. As an adult, she continued to show her love through her food. Rich Mac and Cheese, savory smothered pork chops, you name it! Unexpectedly, in 2019, at the age of 42, my sister Rashanda, suddenly passed away from cardiac arrest. She had no preexisting conditions..... After her passing, nursing felt different for me. I had been nursing for over 10 years in a variety of areas (Oncology (Cancer), Med-Surg, Labor and Delivery, Urgent Care) and all of a sudden my perspective changed. I began to feel like my job was more about keeping people from dying than helping people LIVE!!! I felt like I was always too late. I hope that makes sense.... After much prayer and research, I began to explore ways to educate people on their HEALTH more than their sickness, and develop ways to prevent and reverse effects of the way we have been programmed to eat. Shawnie's (pronounced "Shonnie's") was founded with efforts to aid each and every one of us in enhancing our health, in honor of my sister. With my healthcare background and passion for change, I look forward to helping to change the narrative.


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